Our Facilities


Our school is well equipped with updated or modern books. We have a librarian who keeps a track of all the books that go in and out of the library.

school library


We have state-of-the-art classrooms. It is equipped with modern teaching- aids, smart boards, top-of-the-line computers and also television monitors. The cutting edge technology is fashioned to make lessons interactive, engaging and thrilling for our students.



The Montessori has a pleasant playing ground with diverse playing products like a bouncing castle, swings, slides, and climbers. Our pupils can interact with the sensory elements in the outdoors; they get the opportunity to problem-solve and think critically.

ICT Laboratory

The school’s ICT lab is fully air-conditioned with over 10 computers that have the recent software version. It also has high-speed internet which helps students in doing research work.


Multipurpose Court

It is a big space within the school facility where students play all types of games like volleyball, table tennis, football, cricket, and basketball. We encourage all students to play one or more games.

School building

Sick Bay

Our school’s sickbay is fully stocked with the necessary drugs and first aid equipment to ensure that all emergencies are dealt with in the best possible way at the school by a qualified full-time nurse.

sick bay

School Bus

Our school bus is a fully air-conditioned bus to transport students to and from school. We also use the bus to transport students and teachers on field trips to various locations. We employed the service of an experienced driver and a coordinator to ensure the safety of the students while on the school bus. Parents do not need to fear, their children are in safe hands.

image of the School

Music Laboratory

We have a well-equipped music laboratory where the students are taught both vocal and instrumental classical music. They have access to various musical instruments for learning and practice. They include instruments such as the recorder, violin, piano and drums. They also learn how to dance.